A Quick Look into White Thai Kratom

A Quick Look into White Thai Kratom

A South Asian native tropical tree called Kratom has been used since ages to self-treat symptoms of depression and anxiety. The leaves or extracts of this tree whose scientific epithet is Mitragyna Speciosa has different colored veins which help to categorize into sub-variants.

White Thai Kratom: What is it? and Why is it used?

Kratom is which has white strains and has its roots from Thailand is known as White Thai Kratom or White Vein Thai Kratom. Bali Kratom – another variant of the Kratom tree harvested in the Bali region was popular for many decades, until the versatile and soothing properties of White Thai Kratom were discovered.

White Vein Thai is in more demand than the rest of the Kratom variants. This is because, the white vein strain triggers stimulation and makes the person feel high in a euphoric sense. The alkaloids present in the ground leaf extracts of the White Vein Thai are responsible for the euphoric properties and mood enhancing.

White Thai Kratom: Dosage and Effects

Amongst all the white strains, Thai White Vein Kratom is known to be most stimulating of all. But, the pain relief qualities are less compared to Red Vein strains or the Red Bali. The ideal dosage is as minimum as half a teaspoon to a maximum of three teaspoons. However, it is always recommended to consult medical personnel on how to use it.

Thai White Vein can be consumed as a replacement for coffee in small dosages. Large dosages on the other hand, have had the effects of making the user sleepy, drowsy, and high. Users have also reported that usage promotes focus and energy. It usually takes about 5 to 10 minutes to take effect after ingestion and the effects last up to two hours in moderate dosages and up to five hours in high dosage.

The negative effects of using White Vein Thai Kratom

No matter how euphoric Kratom strains can make you feel, the negative effects should not be ignored. High dosages and extensive use of any strain Kratom can lead to respiratory problems, memory problems, heart palpitations, loss of appetite, liver problems, etc. Common negative effects include nausea, frequent urination, constipation, and mood changes. The only negative effect observed in more users who consumed Thai White Kratom is insomnia.


It is no lie that consumption of the White Vein Thai Kratom makes the user feel relaxed and euphoric. However, the usage should be kept to a moderate level, where the user is not completely dependent on the strain to live. There have been reports of Coma and Death in severe Kratom addiction cases. Talking to a trusted individual can help fight depression and anxiety. Using the Kratom White Vein Thai under proper guidance may result in effective results.

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