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Our site is about social inequalities in France. There are many articles, commentaries, and other content about this issue. Our goal is to address this issue by dealing with the different types of inequalities that exist in French society.

Our site is about social inequalities in France. There are many articles, commentaries, and other content about this issue. Our goal is to address this issue by dealing with the different types of inequalities that exist in French society.

The French Revolution took place over two centuries ago from 1789 to 1799. This famous event resulted in major political and social changes in the country that resulted in wholesale changes throughout the country. During this era, the main goal was to overthrow the French monarchy and create a public.

The French Revolution resulted in the dictatorship of Napoleon and caused the ideas of the revolution to be expanded to Western Europe and other world regions. The liberal ideas had a big influence on various other countries and resulted in international conflicts that took place in regions like the Americas and the Middle East.

The revolution in France was over 200 years ago but today there are individuals and groups that are still fighting for social justice in France. That’s what our site is all about. We believe that this struggle never ends because it’s about trying to achieve social equality for various groups throughout society.

Recently Emmanuel Macron of the center-left En Marche! Party defeated the candidate Marine Le Pen of the far-right party National Front. Micron won the run-off election with a clear majority of two-thirds of the votes. It could be argued this was a referendum on Le Pen’s conservative and populist stances. Macron’s stances on the issues are center-left but he was also a member of the Socialist Party from 2006 to 2009.

The Hopes

Our site hopes to deal with various social inequalities including the following ones:


Our site is opposed to age the various types of age discrimination. The reason we believe that people of all ages can be productive members of society. For example, we support laws and policies that attempt to provide the same treatment for people of different ages. This is important in French society.


People in society often have an edge over others because they can afford better education than others. We believe that it’s important to provide financial assistance for people who normally could not afford a higher education, for example. This helps to provide more social equality.


It’s important for people in different tax brackets to have opportunities for working. This involves various issues like training, employment, etc. It’s important for workers to also have a fair chance to move up in their industries through sources like management training programs. That’s why we support such programs for rank-and-file workers in companies.


Our site also supports providing legal immigrants with opportunities to integrate and succeed in French society. In fact, many citizens in France are naturalized citizens. We believe that diversity is critical to the economic success of France and one way to achieve that goal is by providing more opportunities to immigrants. They play a big role in the country’s economy.


Yet another goal of our site in terms of social equality is to bridge the gap between men and women in terms of issues like salaries and opportunities. France and many other European countries have made major success in this area during recent decades. We hope to continue that trend and believe that both men and women can contribute to the success of the country in terms of finance, science, technology, and others. There have been many famous women in French history who have made big contributions to the country.


France has one of the world’s top GNPs and GDPs. However, the gap between the rich and poor has been widening in recent years. In fact, Paris has become one of the most expensive cities in the world. Our site takes steps to help narrow the gap and providing more opportunities for the country’s poorest.

Quality of Life

We believe that everyone in France has the right to have a good quality of life. That’s why we take steps to help improve people’s lives in terms of housing, safety, healthcare, education, etc. These are important issues for all French citizens.


It’s also important to reduce the social equalities between different French regions. That’s true whether a Frenchman lives in a city, suburb, or countryside. We believe it’s critical for people in different areas to have opportunities.

Social Class

This is yet another way we hope to bridge the gap of inequalities in society. An example is the advantages rich and powerful people in society have other others.