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The Parliamentary Elections

Emmanuel Macron

France just held its parliamentary elections following the recent victory of Emmanuel Macron to become the country’s next president. His party En Marche! won a majority in France’s National Assembly. His opponent Marine Le Pen won a seat.

Macron’s center-left party is one year old and achieved an absolute majority in France’s parliament. The President’s interior minister reported that EM had won 43% of the vote and secured 301/577 seats in the French National Assembly. When combined with En Marche!’s ally MoDem Macron has the support of 350 seats.

The reaction at the En Marche! Headquarters wasn’t as festive as after Macron’s election win 6 weeks ago. Turnout hit a record low of about 42%. This showed that the French people were weary of the political climate. At EM headquarters there was just applause instead of shouts of joy. The results were broadcast on TV screens set up at the headquarters.

An EM substitute candidate stated that the results were balanced but it wasn’t a political landslide. There were few activists compared to journalists who were at the headquarters to get information about the political story. An EM supporter stated that it’s still a big win forthe party because it was projected earlier that Macron would be unwilling to win the Assembly. She said it shows that the French assembly has respect for democracy.

Another EM supporter stated that the even though EM won a majority it wasn’t a landslide. That’s because they’d be held more responsible for the results if they had won a super majority. Catherine Barbaroux is now the new leader of the party following Macron’s election as the French President. She said that the party must move forward focusing on clarity, responsibility, and humility. She believes this is the approach the party should take in order to get the best results.

EM is aware that the company has a lot of work to do. One party leader stated that the candidates earned an absolute majority due to being the President’s candidates. He explained that French voters supporter for them because they want change to take place.

He also pointed out that several Frenchmen have lost interest in political life. The problem can be solved by using reform. Another party member stated that it was important for EM to win a majority of deputies. The party had a big responsibility because the French people are “disappointed.” She explained that they must now talk to people who are tired of the current system and don’t want to talk to politicians.

Activists agreed they must work as quickly as possible. They believe they must be effective since it’s a new parliamentary group. They’ll have organized quickly as well. The Prime Minister of France stated that the country’s voters have given Macron and his government a majority.

Edouard Philippe is a center-right politician who’s become a member of EM. He said that the through the vote a big majority of French people have picked hope versus anger. The elections included far-right candidate Marine Le Pen who won a parliamentary seat for the first time.