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French Immigration

In terms of social inequality, one of the biggest issues in France today is the issue of immigration. This was seen in the recent presidential run-off that included a far-right candidate who was defeated by a center-left candidate.

A recent survey showed that 57% of French people believe that the country has too many immigrants. The survey showed that the country has one of the world’s most negative views about migrants. In fact, 6/10 of French people believe that immigration has in fact had a negative effect on the country. The figure is similar to Belgiu7m that has also recently had terrorist attacks.

An interesting result was just 11% of French people stated that immigration had a generally positive effect on the country. The average figure among 22 nations that participated in the survey was 20%. The lowest figure was 6% in Turkey and the highest one was 36% in Canada.

Exactly 54% of French people stated that immigration was resulting in negative changes in the country. That figure was much higher than the average 46% among other countries. One expert stated that images of immigrants/refugees arriving in Europe have increased the fear that most of Europe are experiencing migration that’s out of control. The main issue is the ability of the migrant to integrate into French society.

In fact, 63% of the survey’s participants stated that migrants will be unable to integrate into French society. This included 60% of them that were worried that it would have a negative effect on public services.

An expert pointed out that France is among other European countries like Spain and Italy that have high unemployment rates. One theory is that the respondents in the survey feel that they’re threatened by immigrants who might take their jobs and don’t meet the qualifications of the jobs. The survey was taken before the 2017 presidential election. It was stated that the study shows the fears/trends that would affect the debates/campaigns during the election.

The survey revealed that throughout the world a majority of people are becoming more uneasy about the higher levels of immigration levels that have been the highest since World War II. There were other countries that were very concerned about higher immigration figures. They included Italy, Turkey, and Spain. An average of half of those in the survey was worried about immigration levels.

The study showed that the Japanese were the least worried about immigrants in the country (12%). The Brazilians were least likely to be uncomfortable about how the issue of immigration is affecting their country (23%).

The survey also dealt with the issue of whether refugees were authentic. 54% of French respondents stated that many of the people claiming they were refugees weren’t actually as such. Two-thirds of French people were worried about terrorists who only pretended to be refugees. In fact, 45% of the respondents argued that immigration should be ended. Both of these figures were only a little higher than global averages.

The survey also shows that more British people believe immigration has improved the country. It’s risen from 19% in 2011 to 35%last year.