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You might probably not know the name to call Swegways/Self-balancing scooters/Hoverboards, but that is not the main issue on the ground at the moment. At this present moment, most hoverboards brought into the UK have not passed some important safety standards. Due to this reason, the manufacturers have to recall them back from all places or mediums to do some necessary adjustments and add extra-features, but most of these products are still being sold! Read on to find some valuable details about the DON’T’s of purchasing Swegway to ensure you make the right decision and get the genuine deal:


-DON’T try and over speed until you are comfortable on the board, especially if you are moving on rough surfaces like outdoors. The faster you move the more easily rough surfaces will send you hovering without notice. If you are moving at top speed, ensure to get ‘speed-wobble’ unless you are a professional rider.

-DON’T step off in the forward direction on your hoverboard especially if you have not mastered it. That is the cause of most crashes and we have seen most of them in the shop! You must at all times step off backward.

-DON’T purchase from a website who deals majorly in Swegways/hoverboards products. The Swegway can be considered to be a short lived craze that will soon fade out and the websites dealing mainly in hoverboards will soon close down. In fact, don’t be surprised to see them shut down without any prior notice.

-DON’T trust any retailer even the reputable ones because that doesn’t guarantee that the hoverboards are safe to use without any adverse effect. There is a high probability that it has not passed all security tests and certificates. Most of these non-compliant brands were able to survive the storm in the early days of import and are still very much available for sale. Luckily most reputable and popular suppliers have removed any unsafe Swegways from their websites.

-DON’T try to ride the Swegway when it is raining. It is made from IP54 splash-proof material and it is not designed for the rainy season. Unfortunately, it is not covered in the service contract!

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