Wireless Dog Fence: Encouraging Social Equality for Your Pet

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An instant wireless fence for dogs transmits signals that trigger receiver collar for correcting your dog and it is not ideal for all situations. If per chance, your property has trees within the area and you desire to have your dog contained or if you want the system to be installed inside a log cabin, unfortunately in any of these examples the system will not work. On the other hand, if your property has a metal roofing or metal siding or if per chance there are any metal buildings nearby, this system will not function. Radio signals are line of sight when determining if a wireless dog fence is ideal for use where you intend on installing and mounting the transmitter and as you mount in all directions, it is important that you take note of any obstruction nearby just as the few mentioned earlier in the line of sight of the radio signal. If per chance your line of sight is clear of any sort of obstruction then you can opt for a wireless fence for dogs since it will function properly.

Most of the instant wireless fence for dogs are designed to produce circular coverage pattern when setting the size of the pattern, it is important that you remember it is a circle and small adjustment should be made to cover the smallest area. For instance, the front of your house is close to the road and you have a large backyard. The containment area will be limited by the distance away from the transmitter to the safe distance that you desire from the road, which is in front of your house. In this instance, a portion of the backyard will be available for your dog to roam.

A wireless dog fence is the best solution for having your dog contained. If you invest time to making sure your environment does not have any obstruction, you can then mount the transmitter in a very suitable location just so that the desired boundary coverage can be set; you can then be rest assured that you and your dogs will be happy and safe.

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